My name is Anthony Hughes and I am the business owner. I have built this company from self-employment upwards ensuring that we don’t grow too quick. We are reliable and our standards are kept high. I also believe a job is not finished until the client is 100% happy. Good communication; clear and easy to understand quotes lead to no surprises at the end!

I have always worked in restoration and have a keen eye for small details. My favourite part of the work is to take something that has been mistreated or neglected and restore it to its former glory, in some cases better than it was.

I wish to grow this company to be a well-known bench mark for high standard, accuracy in quotation and timekeeping, with the overall experience being a step above the rest. Now it’s fair to say that every job can have issues that arise; such as further decay not seen on a survey; delayed starts due to weather or a hold up on sourcing materials. I like to think it’s not the issue that’s the problem it’s the way the tradesman deals with it. I think this can often be the most important part of a job and keep myself available to deal with these matters quickly, informatively and to budget.

It is important to mention I employ directly decorators and carpenters. I have a really good team who are trustworthy and efficient. We are constantly improving our methods and products for the best outcome as technology progresses. I do use self-employed staff on a permanent basis when I am hoping to introduce them into the company. Most of my skilled staff have come to me self-employed and then moved into employment. I like this method of finding people because I find when you have been self-employed you have a natural drive for working and this often returns good results.

All carpentry projects are undertaken with our main line of work being exterior woodwork repairs. If it is a specialised carpentry task such as antique restoration or solid wooden floors for example we would be able to help with recommendations.

We cover all decorating jobs, spraying masonry, spraying ceilings and walls, spraying stairwells and decorative woodwork, traditional brush and roller methods, wall papering/stripping. All interior and exterior jobs are undertaken.

We also have the ability to project manage jobs. This can be from a private house to a single room. If a room needed a ceiling plastered, coving added, walls plastering, cupboards built, wardrobes built and full decoration for example. We have a list of companies that we would use to work with us to complete the job.